AIESEC Canada - #HitTheRoad Campaign

In working as the web developer for AIESEC Canada, I had the opportunity to revamp the national organization's website I also developed several campaign pages for seasonal marketing campaigns that were aimed to send university students abroad on exchange. #HitTheRoad was the winter campaign of 2014.

My main goals for the design and layout was to make the information in interest clear for the user and to make the call to actions clear. As such, the page flows in a way that delivers the content chronologically. There are also multiple 'Apply' buttons on the page that directs the user to the bottom of the page where the lead can sign up right on the spot to receive more information.

In working on the site, I made use of Wordpress, HTML/CSS, and Javascript to create the dynamic front-end design, as well as Hubspot integration for analytics.

To see #HitTheRoad in action: [Warning: The design and information on the webpages may have changed as the pages are now maintained by a different developer]

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